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Door to Door Marketing (Door Hangers) 

Door Hanger Marketing

The truth about door hangers 90% of people just read the headlines.

Use This To Your Advantage & Create An Exciting Headline

You need to find a way to get your customer’s attention. At a minimum, you want your customers to remember.

1. Tell your customers how you can buy your services

2. Ask your client to read the flyer.

Use a “first value” perspective, learn something from the potential customer.

    • Make an offer that can not be refused

After a long day of hard work

Your offer should be something your customers are willing to pay for

Make your offer an “invitation, not a speech”. Nobody wants to be “sold”.

Promising something juicy – “a weekend without stress” – its effective marketing and your business will skyrocket.

Create a sense of urgency
If you have written a marketing article, you know how effective it can be.

Give your customers a deadline

Setting a deadline for your customers increases the perceived value of your offer and services. Encourage people to buy sooner than later.

Here are some examples:

“Act now!” This contract expires in April!
“Our schedule is filling up fast, there are only 6 places left!”
“Call now to make an appointment before it’s too late.”

Give your customers a clear “Call To Action”

Tell your customers what to do get them to call you and ask for a quote. Show them the next step they should take NOW.

At this point, if they have taken the time to read your flyer, you are already halfway through registration to get their services.

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Door Hanger Marketing


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