How To Generate Website Traffic

generate website traffic Setting up a blog or website is easy and for many new online marketers but unfortunately, this is as far as they get. They simply can not generate enough visitors or traffic to make sales or clicks or whatever outcome they are looking for.

Long-term traffic to your blog or blogs will make or break you as an online marketer and is the lifeblood of your business. 

Just as in an offline environment and the retailer’s need for footfall or visitors to his store, the online marketer needs traffic and preferably targeted traffic at that. In this article, I look at the best way to do this and ensure that each and every site you build will give you the best chance possible of making money online.

There are primarily 4 ways to get traffic to your site

1) PPC-pay per click traffic generated from programs like the Google Adwords program. This method is highly effective, to begin with, and get instant traffic but can prove to be incredibly expensive and unless that visitor engages in the outcome that you want they are gone to the next site..and your money is spent. This strategy can put you seriously out of pocket very, very quickly.

2) Social Bookmarking-this can bring you a flood of traffic very quickly and it works by bookmarking your site with major sites like Stumbleupon and Digg and Reddit. Like PPC this can give you a sudden burst of traffic and it is free but the principal problem with it is that the traffic is very untargeted.

3) Article Marketing-this is the cheapest, most effective, long-term method to generate targeted traffic to your site. It will take some work and time to provide good, useful, unique content but it will pay off in spades as each article will work as a silent and free salesman long into the future for you provided your articles are published on quality article directories and picked up by another webmaster. It does take a little investment of time and commitment but just as the simplest way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time the simplest, most effective to build long-term traffic is one article at a time.

4) SEO-search engine optimization.
This involves getting your content ranked sufficiently well in the search engine results, hopefully on page 1, and loads of free traffic.

This is the single best method but probably the most difficult to achieve. But the time spent on this method is time well spent and will serve you and your business well in the long run.

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