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No, it isn’t 1990’s anymore when search engines would deliver you to top spots using bad domain linking.

Today, search engine are in a whole new ball field, they explore and analyze several hundred complex elements. Surprisingly, many Internet marketings are either fakes or companies are still practicing caveman stone ages skills by building spam links or posting content to penalized domains.

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Internet Marketing Guy states there are loads of do’s to add in your SEO strategy but only the highly important ones will be discussed here.  If you are not new to the SEO scene then you probably know what to do already, but if you are just starting then here are the essential do be to add to your SEO strategy.

It is but common sense to know that having well written, well researched and high-quality content is essential in any search engine optimization campaign.  The content of your website will make or break you.  You should provide users with relevant information to drive a handsome amount of traffic back to your website. 

If people find that what you offer is pretty useful to them, then they will have no second thoughts in bookmarking your site, linking it to theirs and telling others about the great service they got from you. Another thing that you can add to your Local SEO strategy is to have a content rich in appropriate keywords. 

The goal here is to rank high in search results right?  So better stuff your content with pertinent keywords.  Your keywords should be all about your content including the title.  When you employ this tactic, then you can be sure that people will be clicking on your website and linking the contents within.

Do add using white hat SEO as part of your SEO strategy.  White hat SEO is the highly recommended choice of technique to use as it is ethical and highly beneficial.  It provides you with the appropriate methods on how to increase your optimization online and will also offer you with different methods on how to rank high on search engines.

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Also, add the use of inbound linking as part of your SEO strategy.  Using this type of method will enable you to spread the content of your website further.  Link up to other websites like social networking sites to foster popularity, in turn, both sites will be benefited in the end for the user will visit each site.

These are the most essential do’s to add to your SEO strategy.  Use them well and flourish in the online marketing business. The use of black hat SEO is the most important don’t add in your SEO strategy.  Avoid using such strategy to enhance optimization online. Do not use black hat SEO as part of your SEO strategy. 

Giants like Yahoo and Google are trying to combat the use of black hat SEO because of unethical practices that it employs to drive traffic to one’s website. The use of black hat SEO will likely mark a red flag on your website.  Blackhat SEO utilizes keyword stuffing, the use of hidden text and doorway passages. 

Bruce Your Local SEO Hero This technique can only offer a short-term solution to your online problems and hence, it should altogether be avoided. To flourish further in the online business market, make sure to remember the dos and don’ts to add to your SEO strategy. Bear this in mind always and good luck in creating or keeping your website.

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