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Are You Getting The Most Our Your Advertising Dollar

Google Ad Words

We will manage and optimize your Google Adwords account!

  • Not getting the most out of your Adwords Results?
  • Want to improve your ROI but don’t know how?
  • Lacking the knowledge to step up your PPC game? 

Then let’s get to work!

Why choose us?

We currently have analyzed more than 1000 Google Adwords accounts over the USA and helped marketers to improve and grow their businesses online significantly.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

What do we optimize (among other things)?

  • account structure
  • quality scores
  • optimal campaign settings
  • online visibility
  • budget management
  • geo-targeting management
  • audience targeting management


Bing Adwords

Certified online marketing professional experience in managing and optimizing Bing campaigns. My PPC campaign management & optimization includes:

  • Understanding your business and historical data research of the current account if any.
  • Landing page advice and optimization across the account.
  • Identification & Optimization of Top 20 performing Keywords in the account.
  • Addition of new keywords for Services/Products to focus as per Initial Questionnaire. 
  • Adding negative keywords to the campaign.     
  • Displaying Additional links to your site within the Ad by using Ad Extensions.
  • Budget advice.
  • Setting up your campaign to appear only at best times.
  • Making your ads more relevant.
  • Testing variations of your landing page.

The Customer Connection Starts Here!

Bus – 484-998-8144 or Cell – 609-525-4494