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Content marketing is a marketing tool that helps new customers find your business while identifying the value of your service.

Having some of the largest accounts in the industry, 55+ communities, Active adult communities, Luxury home communities, along with the top home builders and real estate agents nationwide. I have changed the face of marketing in the real estate industry to a whole new level. Contact Me Today if you wish to explore astonishing new ways to promote your business success. 

Content is the foundation of any effective online referral marketing campaign. If you are a small business provider, a business specialist, the updated and interesting content are what keeps your target audience busy and eager to read what you have to say.

Most people think that content marketing is a relatively new advertising activity, but apart from the name “content marketing” there is nothing new about it. In fact, marketing professionals have made themselves known for sharing content in the first online business services years before the existence of the Internet, as we know it today. Content marketing has long been used in print as well. Business professionals who did not promote were encouraged by writing articles in journals. The articles contain short drafts that describe the authors’ references and the name of the company.

The only “new” content marketing, apart from someone calling his name, is that it’s a $ 70 billion industry. The reason? The Internet has made it easy to study the pros and cons of every purchase and supplier before talking to a salesperson or consultant or entering a store.

Why content marketing is important to your roofing business

Content marketing is important because it is how customers find out what services to buy. Good content can highlight your service and keep it on the customer’s radar during the buying cycle, from the discovery of the service to the final decision. Even if your business receives personal contacts, referrals, and recommendations from most of its clients, people who want to do business with your business will search online to learn more about you and what’s being said before a customer decides to buy.

Nowadays, customers connect online to find out what kind of service solves a problem or meets a need. Then they look for information that helps them to determine which features they want. They are looking for answers to questions such as “which 55+ communities near me” or “Homes Loaded with Luxury Living”, “Looking For Open Floor Plans?” Is it more efficient to lease or buy? Does the company have a good reputation? 

If you have content on your site and other sites that provide accurate answers to frequently asked questions, this will help establish yourself as the expert in your field.

Your content can also be found by search engines and appear high in the search results in local cities/towns, reaching potential customers through social media which you would never have reached yourself.

Once a consumer or business buyer knows what he wants they compare the benefits of one company to another and one supplier to another. They review comments on social networks, Google comments, prices and anything that will help them make the best decision. They do all their research and decide what service/company they want to work with. 

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What kind of content to use?

To make the most of content marketing, you need a plan to develop content for each stage of the buying cycle. Take a look at what it offers from the perspective of your customer. What do they want to know and what can they find out when they first realize that they have a problem or a need but do not yet know which services meet their needs? What questions do you ask? What are your main concerns? Once they have found the kind of service they need, what are they still asking? What do you compare? What are your main considerations?

Let your content consume

Content marketing uses the information to sell instead of high-pressure sales presentations. But all the content (information) in the world will not do you much good if you can not find it! To get your content, you need to promote it. It is an important part of organic SEO!

We are the #1 Real Estate Marketing Company because we guarantee to get you to the first page in every city/town you want to do business in.

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