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Today, I’m going to talk to you about some necessary words that are used in the world of search engine optimization. Once you know it, you can have a better understanding of White Hat Seo.

White Hat SEO: If you want to break SEO without the rules or guidelines of the search engine, then this type of optimization is called White Hat SEO. Among these indicators or guidelines, the most important strategy is to create a website that is useful to people and not to the search engine. Other guidelines are the backlinks, the quality of the link, the analysis of keywords, the building of links, etc. White Hat SEO is understood as moral SEO. White Hat SEO can be described as a life of search engine optimization.

Backlinks: If the link on your website has a different page, there is a link to your website. This link is the link to the home page of your site or another page. The backlink is also called an inbound link. This inside the white SEO hat.

Outgoing link: The outgoing link is in front of the backlink, which means that you have a different link on your website. The outgoing connection is also called outgoing connection. That too in the white Seo hat.

Keyword: Keyword can be an index word, a subject, a topic title, a description of the meeting information. A word that is the main record of a document. In essence, the beginning is that it means a short time through a mix of a lot of great things. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to represent this in front of you without just writing.

Internal link: is the link to the alternative page on another page of your own website. This can be important If, for example, your website contains a number of tutorials, add the anchor text on the previous page to go to the next page. It works as a backlink for your website. will increase the ranking of the page. On the Wikipedia site, you can see in each line that several links have been added.

Keyword Density: A keyword that has been selected to take into account the amount used in a page as a keyword density.

Link Popularity: This to determine the quality of a website depends on the incoming quality link (backlink). Given the popularity of this link, the search engine has created its rule wherever it appears on the search engine’s search results page.

Now, I hope you have enough knowledge about White Hat SEO contact your Internet Marketing Guy For The Best Results 

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